Social Connectivity: Online Perceptions and Experiences


Principal Investigator

Dr Megan Lim, Burnet Institute

Associate Investigator(s)

Cassandra Wright, Burnet Institute


Burnet Institute, 85 Commercial Road, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3004


1.            Introduction

You are invited to take part in this research project because you have engaged with one of the arms of the SCOPE project (website or various social media channels).

This Participant Information and Consent Form provides information about the research project. It explains what is involved to help you decide if you want to take part.

Please read this information carefully. Participation in this research is voluntary (if you don’t wish to take part, you don’t have to).

If you decide you want to take part in the project, you will be asked to complete a brief survey. In doing so you are telling us that you:

· understand what you have read;

· consent to take part in the research project;

· consent to be involved in the procedures described;

A copy of this Participant Information will be made available for download on our project web page

2.            What is the purpose of this research project?

The purpose of this survey is to assess the acceptability and impact of SCOPE; specifically, we want to gain feedback about the content, layout, design and tone of the information we have already shared with you and to gain recommendations from you for future SCOPE activities.  SCOPE was launched in April 2015 after consultation with 15-29 year olds who helped to inform the main topics and themes, the design and the tone of the initiative. We want to continue to encourage young people to visit our social media page(s) and website, interact with the content and share the content with their friends. This survey will help provide feedback on the current content and will help us shape future SCOPE activities and themes.

3.            What does participation in this research project involve?

Participation in this study involves completing a brief online questionnaire today about your experiences with SCOPE, which is expected to take you ten to fifteen minutes to complete. In addition to this, you have the opportunity to consent to being contacted for future Burnet research projects by giving us your email address.

4.            What are the possible benefits?

Possible benefits to you include helping to evaluate this current initiative and directly providing suggestions for future SCOPE activities. By participating you will also go into the draw to win at $40 Coles Group gift card.

5.            What are the possible risks?

You may feel uncomfortable discussing certain topics within this survey. However, you are free to not answer any question you don’t feel comfortable answering. The researcher will make themselves available (within work hours) to answer any questions that may arise or any concerns you have.

You are free to stop filling out the survey if you become upset or distressed as a result of your participation. If this happens, please contact the researcher as soon as possible, either by email or telephone, and they will arrange for counselling or other appropriate support if you desire.

 6.           Do I have to take part in this research project?

Participation in any research project is voluntary (if you do not wish to take part, you do not have to). If you decide to take part and later change your mind, you are free to withdraw your responses.

If you decide to withdraw, please notify a member of the research team as soon as possible. This notice will allow that person or the research supervisor to inform you if there are any special requirements linked to withdrawing. Your decision whether to take part or not, or to take part and then withdraw, will not affect your relationship with the researchers or Burnet Institute or Monash University.

7.            How will I be informed of the final results of this research project?

The information you provide today will contribute to the ongoing content that we post on our social media and web platforms. You will not be sent a summary of the results from this survey, but a researcher will be happy to provide a summary over the phone once the survey has been analysed. If you wish to find out the results of this survey, please call one of the researchers (within work hours). If a summary of the survey results is still being completed when you call, you can request for a researcher to contact you once it has been finalised.

8.            What will happen to information about me?

Any information obtained in connection with this research project that can identify you will remain confidential. Identifying information will only be used for the purpose of this research project, and any summaries produced of this data will not contain any identifying information. All data will be stored in a password-protected database and stored on a secure network drive at Burnet Institute to ensure only the investigators have access to these files. All data collected will be retained for seven years and then destroyed.

9.            Can I access research information kept about me?

In accordance with relevant Australian and/or Victorian privacy and other relevant laws, you have the right to access the information collected and stored by the researchers about you. Please contact one of the researchers named at the end of this document if you would like to access your information. Furthermore, in accordance with regulatory guidelines, the information collected in this research project will be kept for at least seven years.

10.         Is this research project approved?

The ethical aspects of this research project have been approved by the Monash University Human Research Ethics Committee. 

This project will be carried out according to the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007) produced by the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia. This statement has been developed to protect the interests of people who agree to participate in human research studies.

11.         Who can I contact?

The person you may need to contact will depend on the nature of your query. Therefore, please note the following:

For further information:

If you want any further information concerning this project, you can contact the principal researcher Dr Megan Lim on 03 8506 2403 or Ms Cassandra Wright on 03 9282 2173 or cassandra.wright@burnet.edu.au   

For complaints:

If you have any complaints about any aspect of the project, the way it is being conducted or any questions about being a research participant in general, then you may contact: 

Name:   Dr Souheir Houssami

Position: Executive Officer, Monash University Human Research Ethics Committee

Telephone: 03 990 52052

There are 79 questions in this survey.